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1992 - 2018
by Lollo Sievert
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Sons of Norway is a fraternal benefit and cultural society dedicated to preserving Norwegian heritage in North America and strengthening the ties between North America and modern Norway.
Vegas Viking Lodge was organized May 16th1992.   Our members are both surprised and pleased to find that there is a Sons of Norway lodge in the desert.

Vegas Viking lodge is involved in a wide variety of special events throughout the year featuring both traditional and contemporary programs with unique Norwegian-American flavor.
Annual events include celebration of the lodge anniversary and 17th of May (Norwegian Constitution Day), lapskaus dinner with silent auction, picnic, Christmas bazaar, Christmas party and participating in the International Food Festival with our very own Hagar and Helga.

The lodge in the past cleaned highways during the time the State of Nevada Adopt-A-Highway program was in effect.  Vegas Viking helps other local charities and shelters by donations both monetary and basic essentials.

Collecting stamps for TUBFRIM
Tubfrim has helped thousands of disabled children by selling cancelled postage stamps.  Please click to read about   >TUBFRIM.