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1992 - 2017
by Lollo Sievert
Vegas Viking
 Vegas Viking Lodge 6-152
Vegas Viking

President Bob Sturgeon
President Bob Sturgeon

Board of Directors and Officers 2016 - 2017
President:   Bob Sturgeon
Vice President:   Jannifer Sprague
Counselor:   Erik Pappa
Secretary:   Kathy Rothermel
Treasurer:   Andy Agan
Cultural Director:   Bob Sturgeon
Membership Secretary:   Karen Holien
Asst Membership Secretary:   Gwen Knighton
Social Director:   Maureen Anderson
Asst Social Director:    
Sports & Rec Director:   Andy Agan
Foundation Director:   Terry Baillargeon
Youth Director:    
Trustee:   Lollo Sievert
Trustee:   Bob Sievert
Greeters:   Jannifer Sprague
Publicity Director:   Erik Pappa
Marshal:   Ivan Goplen
Historian:   Terry Baillargeon
Librarian:   Marilyn Dille
Newsletter Editor:   Terry Maillargeon
Webmistress:   Lollo Sievert
Online News Editor:   Lollo Sievert

Audit Committee:
Bob Sievert
Lollo Sievert

Camp Norge Ambassador:
Arlon Sibert

Cultural Committee:
Karen Holien,

Name Tags and Sunshine:
Suzan Sibert

Scholarship Committee:
Co-Chairs Suzan Sibert and Linda Kristensen
Mike Hagen
John Holien
Heidi Kasama
Alice Salvesen

Telephone Committee:
Chair May Edmondson
Suzan Sibert

Chair May Edmondson
Arlon and Suzan Sibert
Lollo Sievert