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1992 - 2019
by Lollo Sievert
Donate used postage stamps for Tubfrim

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Vegas Viking Lodge Membership Meeting
First Thursday of the month
6:30 PM at Christ Lutheran Church
111 N Torrey Pines Dr, Las Vegas NV

Since the Charter of Vegas Viking Lodge, October 15th 1992 we have collected used postage stamp donations for Tubfrim.  With help from numerous people from all over the country, we trimmed, packed and drove many boxes to the Seamen's Church in San Pedro to be shipped by ships to Tubfrim in Norway.  Sadly, as of June 2017 we no longer will be able to accept stamps.  We were informed that The Norwegian Seamen's Church would no longer be able to accept and make shipment to Norway for Tubfrim.  Therefore our Tubfrim program will be at an end and we will not be be able to collect accept any stamps after June 15th 2017.
A great big "Thank You" to all our friends working so very hard making this project a success

Lollo Sievert - Webmistress Vegas Viking Lodge